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​Mud Magic Art

By Artist: Vicky Phillips


Kerrville Festival of the Arts

​​Memorial Day Weekend

​May 27-28 Downtown Kerrville

Steve  Merrill' s  paintings

830.522.1234  | mudmagicart@yahoo.com 

Mud Magic Art by Vicky Phillips

830-522-1234  mudmagicart@yahoo.com

Hello, my name is Steve Merrill.  I am a 60 year old retiree from the USPS. I started painting when my lovely and very patient

wife Marcy and I moved into a new house. At that time I have never taken an art class of any type in my life. We wanted new

artwork in our new house, so instead of buying, I felt I could express myself if I did the paintings.

I examined the types of paints and settled on acrylic and found out what type of brushes and canvases I would need to get started, I found that the blends of colors and the never-ending things you could paint was fascinating. Although I have just recently been able to devote quality time to my passion I have always been fascinated with painting. The more I learned the more excited and enthused I am.

Last summer I took Jerry Yarnell painting class it was a wonderful experience and gave me the resolve I needed to continue painting.

My paintings won't demand a high price.  If anyone really likes them we will easily negotiate a fair price. Thank you.🐆🐑🐐🌲